6V6 6V6GT CV511 ZA5306 SE Single Ended Class A Tube Amplifier AMP DIY Kit

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Great 6V6 Single ended tube amplifier DIY kit for audiophiles, It is made by proferssional power and output transformer manufacture,Point to Point wiring,Amazing sounding.

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6V6 6V6GT Single Ended Class A Tube Amplifier DIY Kit 

Unassembled as DIY kit,Will learn a lot during assembling this amplifier

High quality with high quality transformers,Not the craps

Currently only black color is available  

English assembly constrution will be sent via email, It is not hard to built the amp step by step follow the manual If you need it fully assembled,Pls pay $30USD additionally,Thank you.


  • Resistors: High precision copper leaded metalized resistors made in Taiwan.
  • High voltage rectifier capacitor using RUBYCON / VISHAY and PHILIPS BC series.
  • Cathode capacitor using axial PHILIPS BC series LL lower leaking capacitors.
  • Coupling capacitor using axial ERO metalized polysterfilm capacitors.
  • Tubes: Shuguang 6V6 (6P6P) with carbon sprayed,Can be subsitiuated with 6V6GT/6V6G/CV511/ZA5306
  •            Shuguang or Beijing 12AX7B,Can be subsitiuated with ECC83/ECC803/CV492/B339
  •            Shuguang 5Z4PA,Can be subsitiuated with 5V4/5V4G/GZ32.
  • Potentiometer: ALPS 16 tybe from Japan.
  •  Power knob: Imported NOBLE luxury knob from Japan.
  • Wiring: TEFLON wire coated with stannum
  • AC socket: High quality power socker with replaceable fuse.
  • RCA connector: High quality copper CMC RCA connector.
  • Rotatory volume knob: Customized solid aluminum knob.
  • Chassis: Produced with digital CNC, Great quality with powder spraying finish.



  • Operation: Class A single ended
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 28KHz
  • Input impedance:100Kohm
  • Input sensitive: Above 95DB Output: 6 w x2
  • Dimensions: Length 310mmx Depth 268mm x Height 165m
  • Tubes: Shuguang 6V6(6P6P) x 2, 12AX7B x1, 5Z4P(5U4G) x 1
  • Signal / Noise Ration: 88DB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <1% (1Khz)
  • Output Resistance: 4ohm 8ohm
  • AC supplyy: 110V/ 220 / 230V (Pls allow 2 weeks to customize 110V version)
  • Weight:10KG


Packing List:

  • One unassembled 6V6GT tube amplifier with all components(Powe cord & wires no included)
  • One assembly guide sent via email. 

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