Premium Preamp Pre Amplifier DIY Kit Ref Marantz SC7S2 Reference Series

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Hi-Fi amplifier refer to Marantz SC7S2 reference preamplifier,Up to 31 pairs 2SA970/2SC2240 transistors empolyeed on 6 HDAM modules.

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 This is an amazing preamplifier refere to Marantz SC7S2 Hi-End pre amplifier, As we know the price for Marantz SC7S2 is very fancy, Now you could enjoy it for an increditable low price.   This preamp using 31 pairs of 2SA970/2SC2240 transistors and more than one hundred resistors soldered on the board, Using Nover filter capacitor, ELNA and Nichicon coupling capacitor,There are six HDAM(High Defintion Amplifier Module) to amplfy the singnal.  


  • Powe supply: AC(22~26)V-0V-AC(22~26)
  • Gain: 6dB
  • PCB dimension: Preamp module:169mm*96mm / Power supply:96mm*80mm

20Hz square waveform testing


100HZ square waveform testing

1KHZ  square waveform testing

20KHZ  square waveform testing

50KHZ  square waveform testing



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