High Performance WM8741 Parallel WM8805 24Bit 192KHZ DAC,Optional XMOS USB

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The WM8741 parallel DAC is constructed with two pcs WM8741 in parallel configuration and one WM8805 digital receiver, Optional XMOS / CM6631A USB module

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WM8741 *2 Parallel WM8805 24Bit 192KHZ Optical Coaxial DAC 0.3PPM TCOX 

Optional XMOS/ CM6631A USB module

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The most obviously advantage of parallel DAC is improved crosstalk and better sound localization,Also more details,But at the mean time the circuit is more complex,The most important is to optimize the ground and power supply,We use separately power supply section for each channel. This WM8741 parallel DAC has great analysis and details,Also very good treble and bass extension.

Note:Pls choose USB module in drop-down list if you want. 


1) LPF secsion employee three OP275 dual OPamps,One is for holding quiescent point

2)  Optional XMOS and CM6631A USB module.

3) Pls short the 'SEL' soldering points on back side of PCB if no USB sub-card added.

4) One toggle switch for input sampling rate selection, OFF is for 96-192Khz sampling rate and 48Khz is for CD player via coaxial input.

5)LPF section refer to the output stage in DIVA CD player, OPs working at class A mode, Servo circuit added to the circuit.

6)Extremely powerful power supply in the DAC,The output OPs is powered by MOSFET class A parallel power,WM8741 have two way LT317(or used LT1085) + TL431 high precision power supply.

7)Digital section use SANYO OSCON caps and analog section use ELNA caps.


  • Dimension: 188mm*133mm 2)
  • Power requirment: AC 15V x 2, AC (8-12V) x 2 3)
  • Two WM8741 DAC processors in parallel configuration.
  • WM8805 digital receiver.
  • Input: Coaxial , Optical, USB(CM6631A sub-card needed)  


Paking List

  • One WM8741 parallel DAC board. 
DAC Chip WM8741