TDA8950 170W Stereo Class D Stereo Power Amplifier

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TDA8950 170W stereo class D stereo power amplifier, Deliver 170 watts stereo output,Come with high quality audio grade components,The best TDA8950 amplifier.

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TDA8950 170W Stereo Class D Stereo Power Amplifier

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Come with all quality audio components,Much better than the TDA8950 from elsewhere

TDA8950TH Philips latest high efficiency (2X170W) D audio amplifier, IC use HSOP24 power package with low power consumption and static current. The Class D audio amplifier with zero dead zone switching, advanced current protection, smooth start of work, no general power amplifier (flapping – flapping) the impact of sound.


  • Power filter capacitors are 2pcs ELNA for audio series 10000UF/80V, One 10A power rectifier bridge to rectifing the AC current, That can rate sufficient power for the amp.
  • High precision metal film resistors in ±1% precision,Very lower noise.
  • ALPS volume potentiometer
  • OMRON relay applied in speaker protector.

TDA8950TH Amplifier Basic performance parameters:

  • Dimensions: length 150mm, width145mm.
  • Working mode: CLASS-D 
  • Machine efficiency: greater than 90%.
  • Output power:   L / R Channel -- 170W * 2
  •  Power supply voltage: AC 15V ~ AC 28V (28V recommended)
  • Maximum output current: 10A
  • Maximum working temperature: 150 centi degree  


Packing List

  • One TDA8950 170W stereo class D amplifier. 

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