HIFI 12AX7 ECC83 Tube Valve Preamplifier Preamp Refer To QUAD-22 Preamp

New product

12AX7 / ECC83 Tube Preamplifier refer to QUAD22 Hi-End tube preamp, Made with quality components for perfect sound representation.

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  • 1.6mm thickness PCB board with double side layout.
  • 6Z4 recifier tube to supply power for the preamp
  • Based on 12AX7 /ECC83 very musical tube ,The sound is open and crystal,Sonic is flexiable and musical.
  • Size:175mm * 120mm  
  • Height:70mm with tubes
  • Power requirment:  AC (180V-240)V-0V-(180V-240)V * 1 , AC 0-6.3V*2    


Packing List

  • One assembled 12AX7&12AU7  preamp board with tubes.