Pass ZEN IRF610 MOSFET Class-A 5W Headphone Amplifier AMP

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Great headphone amplifier based on Pass ZEN hi-fi headphone amplifier from NELSON, Has 5W output power to drive all headphones or speakers.

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You are looking at a great headphone amplifier based on Pass ZEN hi-end headphone amplifier from NELSON Rectifier and filter integrated on the board, The R&L channel in fully separately design even ground. Using MOSFET Zener diode in regulator section, All zener diode / Constant Current regulator and output stage using IRF610 MOSFET, The static current is 380ma,It is adjustable.

 The sound of this headphone amplifier is very good, It reproduce mellow and very musicial sound similar with tube amplifier. Have powerful drive ability,Suitable for 32Ohm~300Ohm headphone, Also it can drive 4~8 Ohm speakers as a 5Watt output amplifier.   


  • Dimensions: 182mm x 100mm (W*L)
  • Powe supply: AC 24V-0V-24V  


Packing List

  • One assembled headphone amplifier ref Pass ZEN 

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