AUNE S18 32bit Asynchronous DSD DAC Digital Lossless Player W/ SD Card Reader

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AUNE S18 32bit Asynchronous DSD DAC Digital Lossless Player,It is a high quality multi-format mastering-digital turntable,Compatible with DSD audio and WAV,FLAC,APE,AAC audio files.

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AUNE S18 32bit Asynchronous DSD DAC Digital Lossless Player,I2S AES SPDIF Output

Aune S18 32BIT DSD Asynchronous (CPLD) Dual clock Fidelity Digital DAC Decoder Music Player

High quality multi-format mastering-digital turntable

Pure hardware solution of asynchronous clock technology, Use data re-shaping algorithm for audio
S18 has very low digital jitter and perfect digital waveform,Meanwhile special sound tuning which very close to the top anlog turntable,It is a Hi-End digital DAC and ideal for substitution for digital CD player

S18 is an included CD disc formats, but support more digital HIFI turntable mastering format
S18 supports WAV / FLAC / APE / AAC / DSD and other multi-format

S18 is a HIFI turntable that support 32BIT and DSD highest formats
S18 can play up to 32BIT music files, and supports DSD file format DSF / DFF / ISO playback, support coaxial output DOP (DSD digital format)

S18 uses a purely digital technology hardware solution
S18 uses an ARM chip and a CPLD chips machine hardware framework
ARM is a pure hardware decoding codes, ARM asynchronous clock signal input CPLD chip technology reforming, Asynchronous clock technology allows hardware solution with a high numerical targets S18

S18 uses two ultra-low jitter clock crystal
Verification of the entire digital circuit is a clock crystal, S18 using two ultra-low jitter clock crystal clock and asynchronous technology with completely beyond the traditional CD turntable

S18 with numerous digital output interface
S18 with a group of RCA, a group of BNC, a balanced set of numbers, a set of digital optical interface

S18 with full balanced output interfaces IIS
S18 uses ultra high-speed full balance IIS output , the most high-speed transmission of HDMI interface, support for long-distance transmission, with higher speeds and longer distances than other IIS turntable

S18 uses 2.8-inch display and full remote control technology
S18 with a full perspective of the large 2.8 display and minimalist UI design, completely empty external remote control technology, is a very good man-machine interface of digital turntable, the machine includes a traditional analog dial operations, with more features
S18 has excellent indicators and excellent sound calibration
when playing 24BIT / 192K signal , the digital output jitter is 3.4NS, THD + N-138DB, reached the limit index

S18 supports more comprehensive formats ,support the DSD format and DOP output
S18 supports up to file playback 32BIT / 96, while supporting DSD 64 of DOP coaxial output, with a balance transfer IIS port provides two-way coaxial output interface (RCA + BNC), is a multi- interface multi-format digital turntable

Note:32BIT coaxial can not be transferred because the coaxial agreement can not be reached so high, only IIS transmission, DSD can play in the coaxial port transmission, but it needs the DAC that support DOP interface

Front Panel View
1.1 2.8 Display
1.2 Power indicator
1.3 remote control receiver window
1.4 Power Button
1.5 Main Menu button
1.6 on the button, the playback mode, previous / rewind
When the file browser mode, select the previous
1.7 keystrokes, playback mode, Next / Fast Forward
When the file browser mode, select the next
1.8 Enter / Play / Pause
When play mode, play / pause, file browsing mode, it is determined
1.9 SD card solt

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