MUSILAND MD12 Combo Lossless Player USB Asynchronous DAC DSD DAC With Headphone Amplifier

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MUSILAND MD12 is a combo of lossless player,Headphone amplifier and USB Asynchronous DAC, Support DSD DOP decoding,Integrated high perfromance headphone amplifier,The latest DAC from Musiand.

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MUSILAND MD12 is a combo of lossless player and USB Asynchronous DAC, Support DSD DOP decoding,Headphone Amplifier

MUSILAND MD12 is a combo of lossless player,Headphone amplifier and USB Asynchronous DAC,It is customized for audio enthusiasts.It adopting a self-developed SUPERDSP100 master controller,Which is easy to operate and very flexible,Superior sound quality.

Musiland MD12 provide enthusiasts with multi high-performance analog and digital input and output interfaces, Also support lossless audio playbck from macro card.


  • SuperDSP100 high performance ARM + DSP dual-core processor
  • Lattice 40nm process technology and the FPGA MULINK receive S / PDIF signal routing aid
  • 1Bit DSD audio signal decoding (DOP mode)
  • Support sampling rate

Macro SD card reader:Support PCM signal up to 24bit /192kHz

USB input:Support PCM to 32bit/384KHz, 1bit DSD direct stream digital audio .

  • USB 2.0 high-speed asynchronous audio transmission
  • Optical, coaxial S/PDIF input
  • MULINK V2 digital output
  • CIRRUS CS4398 DAC chip with 120dB SNR
  • Integrated high-power headphone amplifier with discrete transistors
  • Digital volume control
  • Headphone, line independent switch
  • AC 90V-230V worldwide voltage
  • Fast response precision power supply
  • LCD display screen, touch button control
  • Overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, ESD electrostatic protection, output midpoint offset protectionMaterials science, solid state capacitors, audio capacitors, high-frequency ceramic capacitors used on demand
  • Support macro SD card audio playback in WAV FLAC MP3 APE files
  • Support WindowsXP/7/8, VISTA, MAC, OS X, Android system, Ssupport ASIO2.0.


Line Out

  • Dynamic: >116dB
  • S/N ratio( A weight): >116dB
  • Total hamornic distortion: <0.0005%。
  • Frequency response(20Hz to 20KHz):+-0.2dB
  • Output voltage level: 2V rms
  • Output impedance:10KΩ  

Headphone out

  • Output voltage level:4V rms
  • Output impedance:10Ω
  • Power output:260mW at 300Ω headphone

Operation of firmware upgrade
First download the firmware, unzip, close MD12 Power. In order to do the following.
1.according to the type of operating system software to run the firmware update, x86 or x64 (64-bit systems).
2. Turn off the MD12, connected to the computer with a USB cable.
3. Press and hold the front panel volume + MD12, MD12 and start power.
4. the software will automatically install the firmware update DFU driver and firmware update.
5. suggesting that after the refresh is complete, MD12 automatic / manual restart, the firmware update is complete.

Packing List

  • One Musiland MD12
  • One USB cable
  • One Chinese manual
  • Warranty card
  • Power cord is not provided as they are in Chinese standard

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