MUSILAND Monitor 08 MP Portable Battery Lossless Audio Player USB Asynchronous DSD DAC Headphone Amplifier,25Hr Duration

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MUSILAND Monitor 08 MP portable battery lossless audio player Headphone Amplifier is an All-In-One portable audio device with USB asynchronous DAC,Lossless audio player and portable headhone amplifier,Very powerful and high performance for audio playback,It support PCM sampling up to 32bit 384Khz,Support Native DSD audio.The battery can last 23 hours at economic mode.

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MUSILAND Monitor 08 MP Portable Battery Lossless Audio Player 32bit/384KHz USB Asynchronous DSD DAC Headphone Amplifier

Battery can last 23 hours at economic mode,2.5hours rapid recharging.

Monitor 08 MP is a flashing start of MUSILAND's product,It is envolved from Monitor 06 MX audio player with many improvements and upgrades.It is an All-In-One portable audio device with USB asynchronous DAC,Lossless audio player and portable headhone amplifier,Very powerful and high performance for audio playback,It support PCM sampling up to 32bit 384Khz,Support Native DSD audio.
Musiland Monitor 08 MP has more detailed sound and greater dynamic at high power output.

Difference between from Monitor 08MP and Monitor 07MP

1) Recharging time: 2.5hours for Mointor 08MP and 4.5 hours for Monitor 07 MP

2) Headphone output current:  max. 800ma for Monitor 08MP and 500ma for Monitor 07MP

3) DAC/ Chip: PCM1792A with better performance in Mointor 08MP and PCM1796 in Monitor 07MP

4) Digital volume adjustment:  PGA2311 in Monitor 08MP and CS3310 in Monitor 07MP

5) Output voltage level: 2.5V for Monitor 08MP and 2V for Monitor 07MP

High Lights

1, Upgraded SuperDSP200 dual-core processor which is better than SuperDSP100 in Monitor 06 MX , zero errors audio clock accurate synthesis under each sample rate, and has a more powerful audio processing capabilities.
2, a special low resistance lithium polymer battery designed specifically for audio applications, the discharge current is large, dynamic response faster.
3, intelligent power path management, the USB power supply is not sufficient, battery automatic intervention, carried out "USB + Battery" hybrid power, ensure that any mode, any power supply situation has abundant power supply.
4, improved power charging circuit, completely isolated from the power supply circuit with the audio, audio power more pure.
5, improved high-speed response frequency power, so loud, it has fast dynamic response when pressed listen.
6, MUSILAND Audio Labs specifically for the player application, and the design of intelligent power management PMU, significantly reduce the power part of PCB area, allowing audio circuits with greater space for wiring, will interfere with digital radio section better isolation.
7, MUSILAND Audio Labs specifically for the player application, designed for high-definition intelligent super audio amplifier --SuperAMP100, small size, low distortion, and with intelligent load impedance determination function. When driving headphones can provide up to 800mA drive current transient; driving circuit load, 2V RMS output level, distortion as low as 0.0001% or less and keep more than 120dB dynamic range and signal to noise ratio, accurate playback Direct DSD Each trace details.
8, regardless of the player mode, or USB soundcard mode, supports DSD playback. For Monitor 07 MP, Monitor 08 M two products, more use of native Direct DSD DSD playback mode, external lossless analog volume control, so that DSD playback more pleasant.

In addition to these eight quality-related improvements also improved 10 man-machine control, convenience, security:
1, built-in battery, no need to worry about the battery will affect the sound quality, for more than 10 hours of continuous playback.
2, speed charging technology. Under the power supply adequacy, Monitor 08 MP only about 2.5 hours to fully charge, and 06 MP and 07 MP only about 4.5 hours, then fully charged.
3, the volume of the Monitor 06 MX 22270 cm3 (12.3cm x 7.1cm x 2.55cm) down to 10884cm3 (10.5cm x 7.1cm x 1.46cm), reduced by half the size, more portable, and even far less than with other brands of pure Listen sound products.
4, compatible UAC2.0 the USB asynchronous protocol, in addition to supporting Windows operating system, adds support for almost all common operating systems MAC, IOS, Linux, Android and so on.
5, ad hoc intelligent equipment interface for connection to mobile phones and tablet devices without an interface adapter (using the dedicated USB cable).
6, intelligent power management, automatic distribution charge and supply current, without human intervention charging and discharging process.
7, increasing the LCD, and the use of super-console display, parameters and playback information at a glance.
8, easy manipulation designed to quickly open files, folders, and support for multiple playlists.
9, more comprehensive protection circuit, short circuit protection, high temperature protection (50 ° C), low temperature protection (0 degrees Celsius), static pulse protection (air discharge 5000V, contacts 300V, 1 millisecond) readily available.

10, support TF card to, to 64GB, support for the directory to 4 directory.

Monitor 08 MP's specification
1)Analog Output
   Dynamic Range (D / A): 120dB
   Signal to noise ratio (D / A): 120dB
   Total harmonic distortion (D / A): 0.002%
   Frequency response (20Hz ~ 20KHz): + - 0.3dB
2)Line Output Level: 2 to 2.5 Vrms
    Line Output Impedance: 10kΩ
    Headphone output power: 2x150mW / 300Ω
3)Digital Output
   Dynamic range: 144dB
   SNR (A-weighted): 144dB
   Total harmonic distortion: 0.00001%
   Frequency response (20Hz ~ 20KHz): + - 0dB
4) Others
   Input interface: MICRO USB, voltage is greater than 4.5V, the current is greater than 1500mA
   Power: ≤1.5W
   Key Features
   Analog output: 32bit / 384kHz
   Digital output: 32bit / 384kHz

Packing List

  • One MUSILAND Monitor 08 MP portable battery lossless audio player+Asynchronous DSD DAC+Headphone Amplifier
  • One USB Cable
  • One Chinese manual
  • One warranty card
  • On3 3.5mm to RCA cable.

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