MUSILAND Monitor 03 US Dragon 32bit 384Khz USB Asynchronous DAC Headhone Amplifier

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MUSILAND Monitor 03 US Dragon high performance 32bit 384Khz USB asynchronous DAC, Integrated TPA6120 headhone Amplifier with two headphone output jacks, Good choice for destop Hi-Fi audio.

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MUSILAND Monitor 03 US Dragon is upgraded Anniversary Edition of Minotor 03 US. It is Musiland's high-tech USB DAC with asynchronous USB transmission. It is in compact size which is close to a 4 inches screen,Monitor 03 US Dragon is an essence product of deep research of forefront of digital audio by Musiland audio laboratory。 
MUSILAND Monitor 03 US Dragon can be powered by USB3.0 with 900ma current, 32Bit / 384kHz playback
technology, power inverter technology, signal amplification technology, line and headphone
impedance adaptive technology, are the world's leading audio technology.
Monitor 03 US

Advanced chipset architecture
MUSILAND Audio Labs independently developed HD chipset, the ICU
(I / O control unit, I / O control unit) MU1010 and APU (Audio processor unit, the audio
processing unit) MU6020 composition, similar to the computer motherboard north and south
bridge chipset architecture through high-speed parallel bus communication between, ICU
and APU.

MU1010 use general-purpose programmable processor (DSP) implementation supports
real USB2.0 high speed transmission, the instantaneous transfer rate up to 480Mbps.
MUSILAND with dedicated drive through the high-speed parallel bus, two-way
transmission of up to 16 channels of audio processing the raw data to the APU.
Caching and multi-state machine processing mechanism, making MU1010 achieve
a system similar to the PCI device priority, so USB high speed transfer of data to
achieve true real-time.

MU6020 generic field programmable gate array (FPGA) implementation. MU6020
support real 32Bit audio data processing, the maximum sampling rate supports up to 768KHz,
when loading professional clock synthesis algorithm, with the APU internal DCM
(clock management module) generated audio clock, restore sound files, harmonic distortion
close to human hearing limit. MU6020 integrated precision S / PDIF transmitter can
complete PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS and other popular digital signal output. Since this S / PDIF
transmitter drive by a precision clock, so the signal output jitter is very low, fully meet the
audio laboratory test equipment required accuracy. MULINK next generation interface, you
can output HD 32Bit audio data to an external decoder.
Monitor 03 US-1 Monitor 03 US-2

High-quality audio features
1.Monitor 03 US Dragon sound using high-precision frequency POWER-UP power processing
circuitry, as well as multi-stage filter circuit processing, the USB interface voltage to the boost,
and then deal with a clean, internal voltage up 18V, high precision comparable to an external
power supply. PC USB interface, power supply under guarantee, they can provide clean power.
Using a USB self-powered, can provide excellent sound quality and powerful headphone driver.
May be different chipsets for desktop or laptop, and is compatible with USB3.0 power supply

2.Some of the music of Bonthe balanced analog filter amplifier circuit, providing high resolution
and best musical balance.

3.Two high-efficiency headphone jack, with a high output swing and high current output

4.Monitor 03 US Dragon sound digital output to the asynchronous FIFO mode output digital
signal, in this way, by the FPGA board accurate internal clock with DCM reforming digital
signal timing, thereby reducing the S / PDIF format specific jitter, maximum limit the
enhanced digital signal transmission quality.

5.Monitor 03 US Dragon sound of MULINK HD audio output interface, the FPGA's DCM
to manage their real-time clock, with changes in the sampling rate, and synchronized with
the data output clock to the decoder, in this way, the data and clock without complex
synchronization, and without a clock recovery operation. So basically no jitter transfer,
details can be no loss of audio HD era passed out.

6.Monitor 03 US Dragon card also supports ASIO, providing ultra-low latency audio features.

Analog Output
DNR (D / A):123dB
SNR (D / A): 123dB
THD (D / A): 0.005%
Frequency response (20Hz ~ 20KHz): + - 0.1dB
Output level: 2V rms
Output impedance: 10KΩ
1 headphone output interface power: 150mW / RL = 300Ω; 200mW / RL = 100Ω
2 headphone jack Output power: 300mW / RL = 32Ω

Digital Output
DNR: 140dB
SNR (A-weighted): 140dB
THD: 0.0001%

Frequency response (20Hz ~ 20KHz): + - 0dB

Input Interface: USB2.0 or USB3.0, voltage is greater than 4.5V, current greater than 500mA
Power: ≤2.5W
Color: Black
Housing Material: Aluminum
Dimensions (case): 105x69x28 (mm)
Weight: 124 g

One pair of RCA line output interface (stereo)
A 3.5mm headphone output interface
A 6.25mm headphone output
A 12mm MULINK output interface
A side port optical digital output interface
A B-type USB input interface

Main features
Stereo analog output
USB2.0 high speed transmission
USB3.0 Power Supply
32bit / 384kHz analog outputs
32bit / 384kHz digital output
Digital output PCM / Dolby Digital / DTS format
ASIO support
Support MUSILAND MMDI interface
Manually set the output sample rate
Headphone, line-out control panel manual switching
The driver supports Windows XP / VISTA / 7 system; 32 / 64Bit

USB cable: 2, USB3.0 / USB2.0 each one
Driver CD: 1
Warranty Card: 1
Quick Installation Guide: 1

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