Luxury&Precision L5 PRO Portable 32BIT/192KHZ USB DAC DSD Lossless Music Player

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Luxury&Precision L5 PRO portable 32BIT/192KHZ lossless music player,Can be used as USB DSD,Support DSD hardward decoding,32GB internal storage space.

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Luxury&Precision L5 PRO Portable 32BIT/192KHZ USB DAC DSD Lossless Music Player


32BIT HIFI portable player

Support 32BIT audio file playback, portable hardware solution four DSD format HIFI player, 5 kind of the models to select, to meet various impedance earphone,selected amp and op amp for L5PRO to improve the power supply.

Advantages of 32Bit

   32 bit decoding dynamic higher than 24 decoding dynamic 48 DB, is higher than 16 decoding dynamic 96 DB. 32bit audio decoding needs not only powerful hardware, such as 1812C CPU and 1812M, but also need more complex high performance software support. 1812C CPU is a high-performance, low-power digital media processor, 1812M is a multi-core audio coprocessor with parallel processing capabilities.

True 32BIT player

L5PRO is a really 32BIT portable player, L5PRO are many IP core development engineers developed, especially 32BIT audio file decoding system. Many market players use 32BIT DAC chip, but by limiting the bandwidth I2S, part 32BIT DAC affect SRC ( ES90185 through SRC forced to enter into 32BIT up converted output) or operating system effects (such as large part of the system will be forced ANDROID audio output sample rate, etc.) it is difficult to achieve 32BIT soundtrack audio output, so a lot of players on the market today can not be considered a true player 32BIT

24BIT / 192BHZ USB soundcard native

Although there are many players can act as an ordinary USB sound card sampling rate, but can support up to 24BIT / 192KHZ so high sampling rate USB sound card, L5PRO is the second after the second LP5 portable player

DSD format hardware decoding

L5PRO player hardware solution DIFF, DSF, DAT, and ISO and other four DSD format music files

Rosewood back cover

L5PRO using dilute Rosewood wood processed wood into very thin cover thickness of only 1.5 millimeters, so L5PRO luxurious texture perfect embodiment.

Better user interface

For more information on the music player interface displays, dynamic music, the list of non-transparent

Five-speed gain to satisfy all kinds of headphones

In order to meet the various types of earphones and headphones on the market, L5PRO features a five-gain mode, from low to high are: UItra Low Gain, Low Gain, Medium Gain, High Gain, Ultra High Gain, five-speed gain, better The adaptation of various types of impedance earbuds and headphones

More user-defined audio settings

L5PRO body Wan set up two user-definable keys C1 and C2, the user can easily set various functions: ARC, circulation patterns, order of play, five-speed gain, EQ, SPDIF, etc., quickly switch a variety of settings, so Music arbitrary


AKM VERITA AK4490 32BIT 768KHZ latest generation audio DAC, silky voice of his best

1812M coprocessor

1812M coprocessor digital-crunching ability is the secret of L5PRO can support so many file formats.


Luxury & Precision L5PRO selected specifically for operational amplifier: precision op amp. Especially for the sense of hearing ear optimization, greatly improved the sound field space and dynamic range.

1812A Double Crown amp chip

Amp double crown level (in Luxury & Precision chip in a crown on behalf of two chips better performance chip, and double crown represents five chips for a better performance of the chip) is double crown level amp been to the screening of high-quality headphone amplifier. 1812A double crown amp can provide greater power output and better with load capacity, providing nearly 100 dB THD at 32 ohm load.

Professional volume chip

In the dynamic and lowest distortion also has the highest performance, compared to analog potentiometers for CS3310 can balance user channel and "never wear" experience


1812P is a dedicated power management chip, can provide accurate and efficient power conversion. L5PRO for better performance using a high-power audio devices, 1812P high efficiency power converter guarantee a life time player, L5PRO up to 12 hours of battery life.

Built-in storage

Long life Dual 32G FLASH, endurance more than 5000 times.

IPS screen, OGS touch screen

3.5 inches IPS screen, a larger proportion of the screen, viewing angle of 170 degrees. OGS single-layer glass touch screen greatly enhance the effect.

3U immersion gold headphone jack

3.5mm gold-plated headphone jack

3.5mm line out (LO) Interface

3.5mm coaxial digital output interface

6 Series aluminum-magnesium alloy + CNC

6 series aluminum magnesium alloy is an important material of modern military and aerospace industry, with high strength, light weight characteristics. L5PRO shell is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy block 6 Series after cutting through the CNC, grinding, drilling, drawing, oxidation formed.

Carrying case

In order to highlight the cortex without significantly overstaffed, to ensure year-round use of the holster can still and perfect laminating machine, perfect specially added high strength special material liner to ensure the holster of beauty and durability.

Improvement of L5PRO

L5PRO op amp adjusted from 1812O to PRECISION, reduce the noise density

L5PRO amp chip 181A single crown changed to 1812A double, improve the load capacity

L5PRO power have re-adjustment parameters, stronger anti-interference ability and load capacity.

L5PRO touch screen changed from On-Cell to OGS structure, completely solve the sensitive are not very good.

L5PRO LTPS display screen replaced by a more mature IPS screen.

The behind of L5PRO by aviation aluminum replacement for rosewood shell, shell of the structure also re-optimized


Model: L5PRO

Interface: po (3.5mm) connector 1 Line Out / SPDIF OUT (3.5mm) connector 1

TF slot / USB DAC interface 1

Weight: 195g

Volume size: 63 * 123 * 16.9mm

Body material: aluminum-magnesium alloy 6 Series

Display: 3.5 inches TFT-LCD touch display resolution of 480 * 5800 Ping

Supported audio formats: DSD destructive: DSF (DSD), DIFF (DSD), ISD (DSD)

               PCM lossless: FLAC, WAV, AIFF, APE, ALEC, WV (WavPack)

Lossy compression: MP3 AAC, WMA, OGG

Note: The format of the support section of the need to achieve by subsequent software upgrade

Supported audio sampling rate: the number of bits and number of channels: PCM, 8khz-1952Khz, 8-321bit

               DSD, 2.8M-5.6M, 1bit, Stereo


Decoding: supports up to 32BIT / 192KHZ decoding

Input: Using the Micro-USB

Output: 3.5mm headphone jack, a /3.5mm line output (coaxial digital output) connector 1

Battery: about 12 hours playing time

DAC Chip AK4490

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