RAPHAELITE Hi-End CS05 805 VT143 50W*2 Integratred Singled Ended Tube Valve Amplifier


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RAPHAELITE Hi-End CS05 805 VT143 50W*2 integratred singled ended tube valve amplifier,It is based on 6SN7 /6V6  /805 tubes,There are permalloy input transformers and 1:1.5 permalloy ste-up interstage transformer,It is much better than capacitor coupled amplifier,The 805 amplifier rate 50 watts output power on 8 Ohm speakers.

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UP for sale is a integrated  805/VT143 single ended tube amplifier from Raphaelite,The amplifier has a decent vintage style chassis which familiar with vintage Western Electric type amplifier.

Raphaelite CS05 805 amplifier is perfect in every way especially the circuit, The first stage uses permalloy input transformer with selectable gain,Low distortion and no feedback required,Second stage is 6SN7/6N8P in SRPP configuration,The SRPP has advantage of high input impedance and low outout impedance,It makes a huge soundscape and air high-range.Third stage is 6V6 beam tube is connected as triode tube,Coupling capacitor between 6V6 and 6SN7 is JENSEN copper foil in oil Hi-End audio capacitor.6V6 plate is connected a 1:1.5 ratio step-up permalloy driver transformer to provide enough voltage swing for 805 tube.There are two VU meters to monitor plate current of 805 tubes, Plate current and be precisely adjusted without reversing the amplifier.The VU meter's needel is swing when the amplifier is working.

Raphaelite CS05 805 single ended tube amplifier is even compatible with 211/845 tube after some adjustments are done,The power transformer and output transformer can rate sufficient power for 211/845 power triode tube.The amplifier also can be used as a pure power amplifier without input transformer,The input transformer can be removed and shorted with a jumper.

Technical Parameters

  • Model: CS05 805 single ended tube amplifier
  • Tubes: 5Z3P/5U4G×1, 6SN7/6N8P×2, 6V6/6V6GT×2, 805* 2
  • Input Sensitivity: 320mV
  • Rated Power Output: 2× 50W (RMS THD<1% 1KHz)
  • S / N Ratio: 75dB
  • Input Impedance: 1KΩ
  • Output Impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω Or 8/16 Ohm
  • AC Input: 110V/120V/220V/230V  50-60Hz (We will send according to voltage in your country by default)
  • Power Consumption: 130W
  • Frequency Response: 11Hz – 20KHz -3dB
  • Dimension: 450×320×285(W*D*H)
  • Net Weight: 36KG(38KG with package)

Packing List:

  • One Raphaelite CS05 805  single ended tube amplifier(power cord not included)

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