SHUGUANG 211-T VT-4-C 100W Type 211 Triode Vacuum Tube Valve,Matched Pair

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SHUGUANG 211-T VT-4C 211 triode vacuum tube / valve, The plate dissipation is 100W,It is alternative with VT-4-C / CV25 / 242C / 242D tubes,It is in high quality and C/P ratio.

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SHUGUANG 211-T VT-4C 100W Type 211 Triode Vacuum Tube Valve,Matched Pair

Sold as pair,Factory matched,Delivery 14W in single ended application

New matched pair SHUGUANG 211-T triode vacuum tube valve,211-T is a high power triode with 100W plate dissipation,It can deliver up to 14W output in Class A single ended application,It is a good match for 211 tube amplifier, We can supply a matched quad if you want it for pull-push application.

High lights

  • The construction is refer to RCA 211 tube, A top mica added to eliminate vibration.
    Lead free high transparent glass bulb, Exhausting heat quickly
    High purity and high density graphite applied to plate/anode,To improve plate dissipation.
    High effeciency thoriated tungsten cathode,It can reduce distortion when high signal coming,The filament is not as fragile as vintage 211 tube.
    Titanium coated grid to ensure no grid emission when working at high temperature
    Exteneded tube pins to ensure good contact with tube socket
    24K gold coated tube base
    Precisely matched with no data drift

Packing List

  • one match pair SHUGUANG 211-T  premium type 211 VT-4-C tube (two pieces)

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