RAPHAELITE CS30MKII 300B SIngle Ended Tube Valve Amplifier W/ Fully Coupling Output Transformer


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RAPHAELITE CS30MKII 300B single ended tube amplifier,With fully coupling output transformers which is the best structer of output transformer,The sound at 4 ohm tap and 8 ohm tap of output transformer is the same , Using input transformer to step-up input signal, The circuit is based on classic Western Electric 91B,Can be used as power amplifier or integrated amplifier.

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RAPHAELITE CS30MKII 300B SIngle Ended Tube Valve Amplifier W/ Fully Coupling Output Transformer

Announced in October 2016, The latested 300B amplifier from RAPHAELITE

Up for sale is the latest 300B single ended tube amplifier from RAPHAELITE,The RAPHAELITE CS30MKII is equipted with the newerst output transformer from RAPHAELITE -- fully coupling output transformer, It is made with specialised techinic on secondary,The turns of wire on seconday is exactly same as primary,That thus no signal loss.It is not like the traditional output transformer which 4ohm output tap is leaded from middle of seconday.The frequency response on 4 ohm and 8 ohm is the same, Also sounding.

The amplifier has one pair step-up input transformer at input stage, It is plugable and can be removed for power amplifier application, With the input transformer it is an integrated tube amplifier.The tube amplifier is in elegant appearance, With blonde knobs and two VU meter,Bias voltage can be adjusted.

Note: Output transformers can be upgraded to OCC ensulated wire,Also tubes, Pls contact us if you want.

 Tubes: 5U4G/5Z3P*1 ,  5693/6J8P*2 , 300B(Shuguang)*2  (all tubes are included)


  • Input RCA: 3 groups
  • Input sensitivity: 450mV
  • Power output : 2*8W (RMS THD<5%)
  • S/N Ratio: 80dB
  • Input Impedance: 100KΩ 
  • Output Impedance: 4Ω/8Ω/
  • AC Input: 110 V/120V/ 220V/230V (We will send according to the voltage in your country,110V/120V version will take extra few days to customize)
  • Power Consumption: 130W
  • Insulation Intensity: 230MΩ (DC2000V, 1min) 
  • Frequency Response:  15Hz – 25KHz -3dB(THD 5%)
  • Dimension: 440*340*220 (W-D-H)
  • Weight: 23KG  

Packing List

  • One RAPHAELITE  CS30MKII 300B single ended tube amplifier with all tubes.

The circuit is based on the most classic Western Electric 91B tube amplifier

Plugable permolloy input transformer,Can be removed for power amplifier application(preamp required)

Fully coupling output tranformer

Two VU meter to show cathode current of 300B tubes

Alloy aluminum chassis in elegant appearance

Solid knob made with solid aluminum,Motorized ALPS volume potentiometer

B+ high voltage  delay circuit to protect tubes

Audio grade speaker terminals with rhodium coated

Tube amp working type Singled Ended

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