GUSTARD X20pro X20Upro Hi-End Dual ES9028 DSD DAC D/A Converter,Native Fully Balanced Circuit

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GUSTARD X20PRO is a Hi-End DAC with dual ES9028 DAC chips which is the most powerful DAC chip from ESS,Optional asynchronous XMOS USB module,Dual toroidal power transformers,With balanced and unbalanced output,One of the best DAC on the market!

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GUSTARD X20pro  X20Upro Hi-End Dual ES9028 DSD DAC D/A Converter,Native Fully Balanced Circuit

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GUSTARD X20PRO X20URPO DAC use Dual ES9028PRO Sabre Reference 32bit ultimate DAC chip from ESS, It is the most powerful DAC chip from ESS,ES9028 ES9028PRO is successor of ES9018 DAC chip with improved performance, with optional XMOS asynchronous USB receiver,The XMOS input support DSD NATIVE from DSD64 to DSD256.

The ES9028PRO SABRE digital-to-analog converter (DAC) is a 32-bit, 8-channel PRO series DAC designed for the audiophile/enthusiast who demands the high quality and performance of a SABRE DAC at a more economical price point. The ES9028PRO is a pin-compatible upgrade for the widely used, previous generation ES9018S. It is based on ESS patented HyperStreamDAC technology for outstanding performance with 129dB dynamic range (DNR), and -120dB total harmonic distortion plus noise (TH+N).

New PRO SABRE features include eight preset filters, full-scale auto-gain calibration, programmable volume ramp-rate, total harmonic distortion (THD) compensation, programmable soft-start time, improved DPLL lock range, additional programmable GPIOs, DSD over PCM (DoP) input capability, and clock gearing to reduce core clock frequency.

Targeted at audiophile and studio equipment, the ES9028PRO offers a seamless upgrade path from the previous generation. All members of the PRO SABRE series increase design flexibility and reduce design-debugging time.

Product Features:

• DAC-X20PRO uses two ES9028 DAC chips which is the most powerfuly DAC chip on the market, left and right channels for each one.

• The first use of adaptive clock technology and asynchronous master clock master clock technology, two clock mode can be freely selected.

• Full interface supports DSD decoding. USB support DSD native hardware solution, Coaxial Optical AES / EBU supportDOP decoding, which can be accessed several broadcast SACD listening to music. Full interface supports 24Bit 192khz (USB 32B 384K).

• using CPLD programmable logic device..

• 3-speed gain, volume can be adjusted, a total of 100 stalls adjustable volume attenuation from 0 to -99DB.

• USB sub card using XMOS program, PCM up to 32B 384khz, DSD up to DSD128.

• Up to 6 input methods: IIS fiber, BNC coaxial port, AES / EBU,USB, through the key switch.

•Large TFT LCD display, adjustable contrast

• power supply with two toroidal transformers, digital and analog independent power supply, and the use ofdiscrete components regulation.

• Fully balanced analog line discrete components. Unbalanced RCA output simultaneously.

Technical Parameters:

DAC Specifications:

ESS Technology ES9028 Sabre Reference 32-bit DAC
8 mono to 2 stereo configuration, four D / A converters per channel

Digital inputs:
Coaxial, BNC:

PCM: 16-24bit /44.1,48,88.2,96,176.4,192 kHz



PCM: 16-24bit /44.1,48,88.2,96,176.4,192 kHz



PCM: 16-24bit /44.1,48,88.2,96,176.4,192 kHz



PCM: 16-32bit /44.1,48,88.2,96,176.4,192,352.8,384kHz

DSD: DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512

DOP: DOP64, DOP128 DOP256, DOP512

USB: 16-32bit / 44.1,48,88.2,96,176.4,192,352.8,384 kHz
DSDx64 (2.8224MHz), DSDx128 (5.6448MHz)

Analog output:
RCA Output level: 2.3 Vrms @ 0dBFS
XLR output level: 4.6 Vrms @ 0dBFS (XLR interface definition: 1 to 2 hot, 3 cold)
Frequency Response: 20-20K Hz +/- 0.15dB

Power requirements:
Power Supply: AC 230V 50/60Hz or AC 115V 50/60Hz
Power consumption: <50W
Dimension: 380MM(W)* 65MM(H) * 260MM(D).

Packing List:

  • One GUSTARD X20PRO dual ES9028 DAC unit
  • One flash disk with driver
  • One remote control
  • One warranty card

GUSTARD X20PRO is proferssionally developted, Great layout and well built.

Dual ES9028PRO DAC chips for each channel to bring amazing detailed sound and dynamic, No interference 

Separate digital section and analog section to lower the interference,Thus better performance.

LPF analog section use self-owned fully Class A circuit based on discrete components,It is free to use the discrete components as the performance of each components is ours concern,No limit like IC,We can adjust the value of components in every stage to get perfect sound.

 The earliest application of adaptive clock technology and asynchronous master clock master clock technology, Two clock mode can be freely selected.

ACCUSILICON femtosecond oscillators to provide high precision clock

Multi stage power regulators and filters built with descrete components


Two 50VA high quality toroidal power transformers for digital section and anaylog section,Completely separated with on interference,Provide sufficient power for the DAC


 USB input is based on XMOS U8 high performance UB solution with up to 8 cores.

All inputs support DSD decoding, IIS support DSD64/DSD128/DSD256/DSD512 hardware decoding,USB input supply DSD64/DSD128 harware decoding, Coaxial(BNC/RCA) / optical/AES/EBU support DSD64(DOP)

Frequency response -- tested by Audio Precision AP2700
S/N ratio
IIS pin out definition

DAC Chip DSD1796
USB receiver SA9023
Tube amp working type OTL output

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