Latest ES9028 ES9028PRO Premium 32bit 384K DSD DAC D/A Converter,Optional Asynchronous USB Input

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Latest ES9028 ES9028PRO premium 32bit 384K DSD DAC D/A converter, ES9028 is successor of ES9018 with some improvements, Optional XMOS U8 or Amanero asynchronous USB module, Support DSD decoding.

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Latest ES9028 ES9028PRO Premium 32bit 384K DSD DAC D/A Converter,Optional Asynchronous USB Input

Optional USB input- XMOS U8 or Amanero USB

The ES9028PRO SABRE digital-to-analog converter (DAC) is a 32-bit, 8-channel PRO series DAC designed for the audiophile/enthusiast who demands the high quality and performance of a SABRE DAC at a more economical price point. The ES9028PRO is a pin-compatible upgrade for the widely used, previous generation ES9018S. It is based on ESS patented HyperStreamDAC technology for outstanding performance with 129dB dynamic range (DNR), and -120dB total harmonic distortion plus noise (TH+N).

New PRO SABRE features include eight preset filters, full-scale auto-gain calibration, programmable volume ramp-rate, total harmonic distortion (THD) compensation, programmable soft-start time, improved DPLL lock range, additional programmable GPIOs, DSD over PCM (DoP) input capability, and clock gearing to reduce core clock frequency.

Optional plans(Pls contact us if you need)

  • Upgrade to dual NORATEL toroidal power transformers made in UK, Pay extra $45.(Default version use dual R-core transformers)
  • Upgrade MUSE8920 to MUSE02 ultimate OP-amps, Pay extra $50.

High lights

  • The DAC is based on ES9028PRO which is the latest product from ESS,4 channels are parallel connected at MONO mode,It is under soft control with MCU to maximize the performance.
  • XMOS U8 asynchronous USB input or Amanero USB input, XMOS support DSD DOP up to DSD128, Amanero support DSD native and DOP up to DSD256.
  • TCXO low noise low jitter high precision oscillator.
  • Fully balanced LPF circuit,LPF section is very important for ES9028 DAC,It uses two MUSE8920 and two AD797 OPamps,It can be substituated with other OP-amps.
  • Dual 30VA R-core power transformers inside to supply power for analog section and digital section.


  • Power supply: AC 115V/230V
  • Dimention: 280(W) * 211mm(D) * 62mm(H)
  • Input: USB/coaxial/optical
  • Output: RCA, XLR balanced output
  • Frequency response:20hz to 20KhzS/N ratio: <-120DB
  • Total harmonic distortion: <0.002%
  • Net Weight: 3KG
  • Sampling rate


DSD:DSD64,DSD128, DSD256(Amanero USB only)

Driver will be send after purchase

Packing List:

  • One  ES9028 ES9028PRO premium 32bit 384K DSD DAC.

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