Premium ES9018 DSD I2S DAC W/ LCD Screen Support Amanero & XMOS USB Module

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The premium ES9018 DAC board is the latest design with compatibility of Amanero or XMOS USB, It support DSD512 audio dicoding while using Amanero USB module,It is built with all audio grade components, Very excellent result in sound representation.

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Premium ES9018 DSD I2S DAC W/ LCD Screen Support Amanero & XMOS USB Module
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ES9018 DAC board
XMOS asynchrounous USB recevier is the best USB solution for PC/laptop and mobile device,It is not unquestionable.XMOS is widely used in many Hi-end audio equipments,It almost became the standard of the best USB solution.

XMOS is very powerfuly with 8 macro cores inside which run on 500Mhz frequency, That makes the transferring smoothly and flawless, No worries of cracle which exist in other USB receivers, Jitter is as low as 4.6ps.
High light
  • The DAC board is based on ES9018which is the best DAC chip.
  • Militiary grade4 layers PCBbaord, There is dedicated layer for ground and power, That makes shorter signal path and better performance, Also reduce background noise.
  • WithLCD screenand three buttons to make it friendly to user, The screen can display input source and signal type(DSD/PCM), Also sampling rate / roll off mode(slow or faster) of filter, Volume etc.
  • All components are in audio grade for better sound representation,LT1963 High precision regulator,ELNA audio capacitor, WIMA decoupling capacitor,WEL non-inductance resistor, Gold plated low contacting resistance RCA connector, Gold plate Neutrick XLR jack etc.
  • Compatible with Amanero USB input module from Italy and XMOS USB module.
  • TCXO 0.1PPM high precision oscillator with temperature compensation.
  • Support DSD NATIVE mode when use Amanero USB module up to DSD512.

Available accessory&parts

  • USB module is optional(not included),Amanero(Italy) and XMOS USB module are supported,Pls select in drop-down list.
  • OPamps are not included,Two single OPamps and two dual OPamps are required,We recommend MUSE 8920 and AD797 DIP Op-amps,Pls select in drop-down list.
  • Power transformer and high quality aluminum enclosure are available for your consideration.

PCB size: 170mm  by 153mm
Power input: AC (15-18)V-0V - (15-18)V, AC (8-9)V - 0V *2
Packing List:
  • One assembled ES9018 DAC board
DAC Chip ES9018

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