New! AK4490 AKM4118 24bit DAC Converter,Optional XMOS Asynchronous USB

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AK4490 AKM4118 24bit DAC in compact size,Capable of 32bit 384Khz with XMOS Asynchronous USB or Amanero USB from Italy.

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New! AK4490 AKM4118 24bit DAC converter,Optional XMOS Asynchronous USB

AK4490 is the latest DAC chip from preminum 32bit series from AKM, With internal 'OSR Double' filter and super roll off circuit, The sound is very smooth and rich details, Also very excellent dynamic and make a hugeℜ acousi field,Far more better than WM8741 CS4398 PCM1794 etcs.Digital receiver is AK4118,It is the latest and most powerful digital receiver from AKM, Has neutral sound representation and very low distrotion.

XMOS asynchronous USB module is optional,It is one of the best USB receiver,has up to 8 macro cores inside which run on 500Mhz frequency, That makes the transferring smoothly and flawless, No worries of cracle which exist in other USB receivers, Jitter is extremely low as 4.6ps.

  • High quality alum. enclosure/chassis will be avilable on Augest.
  • XMOS / PCM2706 or Amanero(Italy) USB module is available,Pls contact us if you want.
  • DSD is not supported with the DAC.


  • Support sampling rate
       PCM-- 16 to 24bit at 44.1Khz / 48Khz / 88.2Khz / 96Khz /176.4Khz / 192Khz

             With XMOS USB:32bit 384Khz

  • Input: coaxial / ooptical, USB with xmos or PCM2706 module
  • OP-amp for LPF: OPA2134 or OP275
  • Power input:  (AC 8-10)V-0V or DC 12V, DC or AC are all accepted
  • Power-K is for power switch,Can be simply jointed if you use power transformer not a switching power supply
  • Size: 117mm(W) * 121mm(D)* 42mm(H)
  • Weight:0.4KG

Packing List

  • One fully assembled AK4118 AK4490 DAC (without USB module)
DAC Chip AK4490

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