2 Ways -24dB/Oct Linkwitz-Riley Crossover Electrical Frequency Divider Network For Audio

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2 ways -24dB/Oct linkwitz-Riley crossover electrical frequency divider network for audio amplifier, It is a active X-over for two way speaker system.

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2 Ways -24dB/Oct Linkwitz-Riley Crossover Electrical Frequency Divider Network For Audio

High lights

  • One of the best electrical crossover/divider with excellent circuit
  • Customizable frequency,Just note the frequency you want so we can change parameters for you.
  • 4 channels output, For 2 waysamplifier/speakers
  • Audio grade components to ensure great quality and sounding
  • Power supply is the best class A circuit, Has more better sound representation than power
  • supply base on LM337 LM78** regulator chips
  • Diving frequency can be customized, We will calculate the value of resistor/capacitor to make it as close to the frequency you want as possible(due to limit of value of resistor and capacity), Additional cost is required.


  • Circuit type: Linkwitz-Riley filter
  • Frequency: 2200Hz (20Hz to 2200Hz for bass and mid-range,2200Hz to 22Khz for  treble)
  • Slope: -24db/Oct
  • Output channels: 4
  • OP-amps: JRC NE5532, Can be subsitutated with better dual OPamps such as OPA2604 OP275 AD827 etc.
  • Size: 134mm* 76mm
  • AC power supply: (14 -19)V~0 ~(14 -19)V


Knowledge of Linkwitz-Riley crossover/divider network

A Linkwitz-Riley (L-R) filter is an infinite impulse response filter used in Linkwitz-Riley audio crossovers, named after its inventors Siegfried Linkwitz and Russ Riley, which was originally described in Active Crossover Networks for Noncoincident Drivers in JAES Volume 24 Issue 1 pp. 2-8; February 1976. It is also known as a Butterworth squared filter. An L-R crossover consists of a parallel combination of a low-pass and a high-pass L-R filter.


Packing List:

  • One 2 ways -24db/Oct Linkwitz-Riley crossover/divider network for audio.

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