Pair 20W Non-Feedback Pure DC Class A Stereo Amplifier,W/ ON MJ15024/25 MJ15034/35 Transistor

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Pair 20W high performance non-Feedback pure DC class A stereo amplifier,Rate 40W output at 4 ohm load and 20W at 8 ohm load,With the best ON MJ15024/25 MJ15034/35 Transistor, Great linear and extremely low distortion.

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Pair 20W High Performance  Non-Feedback Pure DC Class A Stereo Amplifier

W/ ON MJ15024/25 MJ15034/35 Transistor

Up for presenting is a pair assembled power amplifier bord,It is fully assembled and ready to run. The amplifier using a OP-amp as voltage amplification, You can try different OP-amps for different taste. The output stage using MJ15024/25 MJ15034/35 high performance output transistor,They work at class A mode, To stabilize the quiescent point,DC servo circuit is added so there is no need to adjust quiescent point, There is no gain (0DB) in current amplification in output stage,So there is not negative feedback in the stage, It makes a good result for frequency response and harmonic distortion.


Measure the voltage on quiescent point, Devide the voltage drop with 0.27 Ohm resistor, For example, If the voltage on 'Test' point is 27mv,The quiescent current is 27mv/0.27 *2=100ma*2=200ma. Turn the variable resistor in clockwise to decrease current.


  • Power supply:  DC +-23V to +-35V
  • Working type: Class A, Can be class AB by adjusting the varible resistor.
  • PCB size: 117mm * 65mm

Packing List

  • Pair 20W high performance non-Feedback pure DC class A stereo amplifier(Angle alum. adaptor is included)

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