PANASONIC Class A Attenuated Equalizer Tone Controller

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PANASONIC AA Class A attenuated equalizer / tone controller with tone adjustment, Integrated 2 ways input and bypass selector.

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PANASONIC Class A Attenuated Equalizer Tone Controller

There are two types of tone controller, One is attenuated type and another one is the type with negative feedback,The tone controller with negative feedback is widely used with its lower harmonic distortion and high S/N ratio, The sonic of the tone controller is somewhat dry and no sparkle,Also a little harsh if treble is raised. The attenuated type tone control has better dynamic and faster response,Also lower distortion and good souning.

The advantage of the attenuated tone controller is that it can work with heavy load, Even the composited variable impedence with different waveform of voltage and current, It still can work at class A status.

 Note: If you want 30VA power transformer,Pls select in drop-down list,We will send according the voltage in your country.

High lighs

  • The preamp stage is refer to Class AA circuit from Panasonic
  • Extremely low distortion
  • With bypass mode and two ways audio input selector.
  • ALPS type 16 potentiometer from Japan.
  • With headphone monitor out, Only for low impedence headphone with small current draw.
  • High quality military resistor with copper pin out.
  • LM317 LM337 voltage regulator from ON semi-condutance.


Size: 171mm * 73mm

Power input: AC (14 to 18)V -- 0 --  (14 to 18)V

 Packing List

  • One PANASONIC Class A attenuated equalizer tone controller

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