Premium DSD1796*2 Parallel DAC W/ XLR Output,Dual Power Transformer,Optional XMOS USB Module

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Preamium DSD1796 DAC based on two DSD1796 DAC chips from TI Instruments, The DSD1796 work at mono mode thus better dynamic and separation, It is available to upgrade to DSD1794 DAC chip with better sound representaion, It has I2S/coaxial/optical input and XLR balanced output,It is as good as ES9018 DAC even a little better.

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Fully assembled and tested,Built with audio components,Buy with confidence!


1. Two DSD1796 D/A chips from TI Instruments, The DSD1796 provides balanced current outputs, allowing the user to optimize analog performance externally. The DSD1796 accepts the PCM and DSD audio data formats.The two channel of DSD1796 is parallel connected for application of one channel,They run at mono mode under soft-control, That makes better crosstalk and separation of sound image,Also more details and greater dynamic.

2. The DSD1796 support NATIVE DSD stream data, Not like other D/A chips which convert DSD data stream to PCM then decode such as ES9018/AK4399 etc.

3. With optional XMOS USB module, The XMOS moduel can recognize DSD/PCM data and decode automatically.

4. While there is not coaxial input and optical input,The input method will change to I2S input automatically.

5. The power rectifier and power stabilized section is reference to MARANTZ CD-7 player.

6. Carefully selected components for perfect music representation, High quality SANYO OSCON capacitor,ELNA capacitor,DALE resistor(mostly),RIFA MKT capacitor,OP275 OP-amps etc.

7. Didigtal receiver employed is WM8805.

8. Dual power transformer for digital section and analog section, Better sounding.


1. Input priority: USB -->coaxial --> Optical (Coaxial and optical do not work when USB is pluged in)

2. While using I2S input with other USB interface, There must be DSD ‘ON’ signal injected to the DAC first.

3. Support sampling rate

Coaxial and optical: PCM44.1K to 192Khz(does not support 176.4K)

USB(with XMOS module): PCM44.1K to 192Khz,DSD64/DSD128

4.Size:280mm(W) * 211.5(D) * 60mm(H)

5. Power input: AC110/120V, Or AC 220/230V

6. Output voltage level: RCA—3.2V, XLR- 3.2V

7. Harmonic distortion: 0.0008%

Avaiable upgrade:

1) Can be upgrade to DSD1792 DAC chips with is much better than DSD1796, Not only the perameter but also make much greater dynamic, Pls select in drop-down list if you want.

Packing List

  • One DSD1796 parallel DAC unit.
DAC Chip DSD1796

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