One Pair LJM 100W *2 Stereo Power Amplfier AMP Ref Quad 405

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One pair LJM 100W *2 stereo power amplfier refer to Quad 405, The amplifier is refere to Quad 405 amplifier,The output transistor is KEC 1047 from ON, Deliver 100W output at 8 Ohm speaker.

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One Pair 100W *2 Stereo Power Amplfier AMP Ref Quad 405

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Output stage using TW35 20A 125W high output power transistor Assembled and ready for DIY project Input stage use PHILIPS BC556B ST 2N5401 5551 This amplifier kit is reference to Quad 405 amplifier,It is base on KEC 1047 transistors and the other high quality components,It is in compact size and can be installed in limit space,But the sound is great.Just fix it with heatsink and connect to DC power to run


  • input voltage:DC +-40V to +-50V (3A current needed)
  • Demension: 116mm(Length) x 91mm (Wide) x 25mm (Height)

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  • 2 pcs of assembled PCB board (no heatsink).

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