6X4 6Z4 + 6N1 6H1 Vacuum Tube Valve Pre-amplifier Preamp W/ Adjustable Bass Treble Balance

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6X4 / 6Z4 + 6N1 / 6H1 vacuum tube Valve Pre amplifier Preamp with adjustable bass treble balance,For preamplifier DIY project.

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6X4 6Z4 + 6N1  Vacuum Tube Valve Pre amplifier Preamp W/ Adjust Bass Treble Balance

Fully assembled and tested,Buy with confidence

Produce crystal&clarity sound and make a great headroom

Up for sale is a great 6N1 tube preamp kit with adjustable equalizer,Two 6N1 tubes to amplify the audio ,6Z4 (6X4) rectifier tube applied to supply power for the filaments. Made with many audiophiler grade components such as PHILIPS BC seriel rectifier capacitors & MKT coupling capacitors etc. The PCB thinkness is 1.6mm,There are 3 holes under the tubes to exhause the heating and make the tubes work stable.  

Note: If you need the power transformer with 230V/115V input,Pls pay $45USD extra due to 1KG weight.


  • Powe supply: AC230V-0V-AC230V, AC 6.3V-0V *2   
  • PCB dimension: 205mm*120mm  
  • Gain: 10DB

Packing List

  • One assembled 6N1 tube preamp board with all tubes.